Thursday, 26 February 2009

Back on the beach

I didn't go out yesterday afternoon because we had 50mph gusts rising to 70mph later on and I didn't think it was a particularly wise idea to go scrambling round the countryside when it was hard enough standing up in the back garden. So to make up for it I took a wander down to the beach today (OK, so I wanted to check the rabbits were leaving my garlic alone, the beach was sort of incidental!).

Our neighbour used to take his boat down to the beach behind his tractor and it makes a useful path for getting down to the main footpath:

Tracks to the beach (2)

It was a good day for skies (and I'm still loving Lightroom's ability to add an ND grad filter onto pictures!):

Armadale beach

And the wind was coming off the sea and pushing the Armadale burn back up the beach:

Armadale burn

Normally I try not to split pictures in half with the horizon, but when it's a reflection you can just about get away with it:

Reflected cloud

And just to prove to my family that I've finally succumbed to genetics and started gardening - a weeded bit of border:

Garden (3)

As you can see, there's a lot more to do...:

Garden (4)

And that's before I start on the veggie field - the tiny little brown strip in the top left of the field is a 10ft x 4ft bed!:

Veggies (1)

The garlic is coming on nicely though :o)

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