Friday, 2 October 2009

Catching up

I finally got round to editing the photos stacking up on my hard drive!

The robin is back in the garden and having singing competitions with the robin next door. If you think the perspective looks a bit odd, you'd be right - he was sitting on top of a telegraph pole!


Back down at fence-post level:


The rabbits have been stuffing themselves in preparation for winter:


And we had a surprise next door - one of the Shetlands foaled (no-one knew she was pregnant!):



The dogs are enjoying the last of the good weather on the beach:

Smokey and Red




The seas are picking up and soon it'll be winter again...

Waves at Armadale

I saw an otter on the beach on Wednesday and nearly saw it again this morning - there were fresh prints in the sand and if I hadn't stopped to go 'Ooooooh, foal!' I'd have probably seen it again.

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Mike said...

The fourth dog photo and the wave are a real treat.