Wednesday, 9 December 2009

When you're smiling...

Two posts in one day (don't get used to this!), but I've got some more pictures that I never got round to posting up.

There weren't as many seals around this time, the bay was calm so most of them were out at sea, but I did spend a while photographing these three - love the smiles:

Grey seals

Since the sandy side beach was totally empty, I went for a walk along it. Seals are curious creatures and I soon had an escort:

Grey seals

Or two...:

Grey seals

I think pupping is more or less over for the year. Now that I know what's where, I can hopefully get out and about more in October and November next year. I've heard about a pupping beach that may be closer than the one I was visiting, but I'm not sure how easy it is to get to.

The robin's been in a fight I think - he was looking very tatty:



Maybe the sparrows have been beating him up again:


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PurestGreen said...

Oh, they're wonderful! I love the lone seal popping out of the water. I must get out next year and see me some seal pups.