Monday, 19 April 2010

Apologies for the radio silence

...but in the two months since I last posted, I've barely had time to pick up a camera unless it was to shoot pictures of beads.

I saw the otter again yesterday whilst walking the dogs - you guessed it, no camera. And, worse, the dogs chased it and caught up with it, though it swam off with no apparent injuries, a ginormous fish still firmly clamped in its mouth. Today I walked the dogs in the field and then went back down to the beach with my camera. No otter, but plenty of oystercatchers:



And it wouldn't be a beach birds set without a ringed plover in there somewhere!

Ringed plover

I think this is a female wheatear - I'm checking with knowledgeable people:

Female wheatear?

On the way back up to the house I took the opportunity to photograph my favourite sheep. This is Polly, she belongs to my neighbours and is due to lamb any day now:


I'm beginning to love sheep portraits - should I be getting worried??



Captain Black said...

Welcome back :o)

JKP said...

Love the bird photos!

Polly looks very happy to pose for her portrait for you.