Friday, 27 June 2008

Back on the beach

After being stuck in all week due to volume of work and weather, I was determined to get out this morning. It was dry but overcast and had rained heavily the night before, so I stuck on my walking boots and went down to the beach (no tales of jeopardy and mortal danger today I'm afraid!).

The tide was out, which made it a great day to explore round the rocks and rock pools that scatter the edge of the beach. This one made me think of a giant rock caterpillar that had crawled out of the sea to drink at the rockpool:

Rock at Armadale

No scrambling about on them though, because they're covered in seaweed. I think this is serrated wrack, but I'm still trying to make sure of that:


I went down to the edge of the water and watched the gulls for a bit:

Gull over the sea 2

Gull over the sea

The rain had swelled the Allt Beag and the Armadale Burn and they'd cut bigger channels down the beach than usual:

Gull on the burn

And then the weather started to clear. The next two photos were taken from the same spot within a minute of each other - just pointing in different directions:

Clouds over Armadale beach

Armadale Bay

Caithness and Sutherland do big skies very well:

Ardmore point

Unsettled sky

And finally, I can't go down to that beach without photographing a ringed plover, can I? Today's mission was to get a good shot of one on the move, since they're the coastal equivalent of Road Runner:

Ringed plover running

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Gordon said...

Hi Caroline. Some beautiful photos making me very homesick. Definitely big sky country and some spectacular wildlife. I look forward to seeing more of your work.