Sunday, 15 June 2008


Poulouriscaig is a Clearances village. It was a tiny hamlet of 7 houses, built some time in the 1800s and abandoned around about 1934. This is the most intact house left of the 7:

Ruined croft

And just to show you how different the weather can be within 100 yards of one spot, this is the same house from the reverse angle about 5 minutes later - clock that sky!

Ruined croft

There are sheep grazing out there, but I'm not sure how much human contact they have. These were curious until I got closer than 20 feet away and then they bolted.

Sheep at Poulouriscaig

The walk out there is tough (for a townie!) - it took me about an hour each way even though it's only 1.5 miles away. But with skylarks singing at me all the way and views like this, which is back towards Armadale from the highest point on the track, you don't really notice the aching legs.


Now all I need to do is go up to that point at dawn with a tripod for the golden hour...

Googling Poulouriscaig to find out about it has tipped me off about a hidden waterfall through one of the caves in Port a' Chinn. Looking at the map, there appears to be a pretty big loch hidden in the hills as well, but I'm not fit enough for that walk yet.

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Ginny said...

Caroline these pics are gorgeous! Love those sheep. If oystercatchers are the same as we have, they have red legs and red beaks and always travle in twos- they mate for life. Their nests are always scruffy bits of stick on a sand dunes and easy to trip over. Maybe the scottish ones are different. You really have a lovely place now, must be very inspirational, that was good move. Ginny