Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Terned on

After spending the afternoon in Strathy Forest on a ranger walk (didn't have the camera, so of course we saw deer!), I got home just in time to jump out of the car, grab my camera bag and head down to the beach with Mick and Smokey. The otter, predictably, failed to put in an appearance, but I think this picture of two Arctic terns has to be on my shortlist for favourite shot of the year :o)

Arctic terns

We watched them fishing for a while and although I didn't get any shots of the spectacular dive they do, I did get these:

Arctic tern

Arctic tern

Smokey was content to hunt down and kill those lethal tennis balls:


And finally some shots from Borgie Glen on Sunday. Not the best light, but definitely a place to go back to on a summer evening or in the snow:

Borgie Glen

Borgie Glen

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Alec said...

Each one of those pictures is fantastic, but I agree that the first is marvellous in its simplicity.