Thursday, 4 June 2009

An hour in the garden

Inspired by Springwatch, I thought I'd try to get some pictures of the wildlife around the garden at the moment.

I started with the starlings in the letterbox. They're still feeding madly - caterpillars for breakfast again:



Then I headed down the fields and had to take a couple of gratuitously cute rabbit shots:



In our bottom field we have a skylark nesting:

Skylark nest

And the sheep are, as ever, a joy to photograph, though I wish I hadn't taken this one through sheep netting - I'll have to shoot her again on a sunny day:

Punk sheep

Then I topped up the bird feeders and settled down to see what turned up. This is my shot of the day:

Seed wars

It got busy:

Seed wars

The sparrows brought their three fledglings down from the kitchen roof - here are two of them stretching their wings, though I think they look like they're about to burst into a rousing music hall chorus!


Lots more bird pictures if you click on any of the above to go through to my Flickr account, but I'll leave you with this picture of Dunnet beach taken last weekend. Remember all those shots they show on the news of beaches so packed that every square inch of sand is covered with towels? This is what the most popular beach in the area looked like on the hottest Sunday afternoon of the year so far (about 25C):


We counted 18 families on its two-mile stretch :o)


Alec said...

There were some excellent motion shots there, Caro. Starlings, I have found, can become highly defensive; especially when they think a gardener is getting a little too close to their nests.

North Light said...

I love the photograph of the sheep, an excellent animal portrait.