Monday, 5 January 2009

Found the culprits!

New camera may arrive this afternoon, so fingers crossed...

When I took the wheelie bin up the drive this morning, the robin that lives in the gorse bushes at the side was happily chirping around and quite content to sit on a fence post 10 feet away and watch me lugging a full bin around very noisily, so when I went to get it back in at lunchtime I thought I'd take the camera up with me.

Could I find the little blighter? Could I heck. So I went down to the bird feeders by the garden gate and discovered the reason I've found them on the ground a couple of times, even when there's no wind:


Still, they don't seem to be scaring off the chaffinches (I counted 6 today) who just sit on the gate and wait for the starlings to finish:

Chaffinch (2)

Chaffinch (1)

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