Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Sandside is a huge (10,000 acre) estate just outside Reay. Most of it is private, but they've reached an agreement with the Highland Council to allow public access to the beach and the harbour.

We've had high seas over the last couple of days and massive amounts of seaweed has washed up on the beach, attracting seabirds to feed. These are turnstones:

Turnstones (1)

As you can see by the tin can, lots of rubbish has washed up as well.

I tried to get a bit arty by mirroring Orkney in the background with the rock in the foreground - didn't quite work!

Sandside towards Orkney

The oystercatchers at Sandside harbour are much tamer than the ones at Armadale and Melvich, so I was able to get closer:

Oystercatchers (1)

And, if you'll excuse the pun, I caught this one in a reflective moment:

Reflecting oystercatcher

All in all, a nice afternoon:


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enjoy your photographs very much