Thursday, 24 July 2008

Back to the beach

In an attempt to shift some weight, I've decided to walk down to the far end of the beach and back every morning. The camera comes with me of course, you can guarantee that the day I don't take it there'll be four otters doing a synchronised swimming display in the burn...

I've often noticed holes in the sand as I walk along the hard sand where the tide's gone out and wondered what made them. Here's the answer - they're air pockets trapped under the sand:

Sand bubbles

Up towards the dunes I saw an earwig:


And I can't go down to that beach without taking a picture of a ringed plover, can I?!

Ringed plover


Anonymous said...

What happened to the running? Too reluctant?

Caroline said...

No, the osteopath said it was aggravating my back and I should stick to walking or swimming, so had to give it up.