Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning

It was much too nice to stay inside, so I walked down to Port a'Chinn, because I haven't been for ages. On the way I saw an enormous bird perched on a pile of stones in the field behind the salmon bothy. Got a bit closer and with the lens on full zoom managed to catch it:


I think that must be the buzzard which we've seen hunting over the hill behind our house. I tried to sneak round the house and get closer but by the time the rock pile was back in view again, he'd gone. I climbed up there to see if he was perched on a fence post, because I'd have seen him if he'd gone up into the sky, but not a sign.

The fishermen were out this morning and had left their salmon nets drying at the top of the cliff:

Salmon nets (1)

Salmon nets (2)

And just to be a bit arty-farty, here's the previous shot in black and white, which I think works a little bit better:

Salmon nets (2a)

Then it was down onto the beach. Masses of rock pipits down there this morning:

Rock pipit (2)

Rock pipit (3)

I also found out which cave it is that goes through to the hidden waterfall and since it was low tide crawled through to have a look. It's been dry recently, so the waterfall was less than impressive, but I'll go back once we've had a few days of rain and take some pictures.

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