Friday, 25 July 2008

A plover-free zone

You're all going to get very bored if I continue my plover obsession on my daily walk, so today's post is not only a plover-free zone, I didn't even take a photograph of one while I was down there.

It occurred to me as I was walking back up that I'd shown you the beach, but not the path to it, so here it is:

Path to the beach

It winds through the grass and then up through the trees on the right, which is midge city at the moment. I did try going up the direct way yesterday, over the stile on the bottom of the croft, but the cow parsley is as tall as I am and the thistles and nettles nearly as large, so I think I'll leave that route alone until it starts to die back a bit.

Lots of butterflies about though - this was the best shot I got today, as it was windy and my subjects kept getting blown 20 or 30 yards just as I'd focused:


Still in a macro frame of mind, I went onto the beach and shot ripples on the Allt Beag:

Allt Beag ripples

seaweed in a rockpool:


and rabbit footprints in the dunes:

Rabbit footprints

In fact this would have been an all-macro post if I hadn't found this whopping great rockpool and decided it needed to be captured for posterity due to its size!


Tomorrow is the Halkirk Highland Games, so as long as the weather stays nice (it's looking promising), expect lots of men in kilts pictures over the weekend...

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