Thursday, 7 August 2008

Armadale airport

At least that's what it seemed like on Tuesday! Never seen so many birds taking off and landing:


Oyster catchers (2)

Oyster catchers (1)

And I saw my first stoat! I'm pretty certain it was a stoat and not a weasel, though we didn't see the tail - but we both went 'Ooh, look, a stoat!' instinctively. Unfortunately I'd put my camera away and by the time I'd got it out of the bag and fired it up, the stoat had whisked back into the long grass. But now I know where to look for it, I shall keep an eye out.

Old joke: What's the difference between a stoat and a weasel? A weasel is weaselly recognisable while a stoat is stoatally different...

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