Saturday, 2 August 2008

One to enter

The September issue of Outdoor Photography landed on the doormat this afternoon and guess what their 'If you only do one thing this month' competition is this issue?

Beach abstracts!!

The brief is:
To celebrate our coastline, this month we are challenging you to send us your beach abstracts. From still life shots of shells to colourful seaweed and marbled rocks we want to see the best of your local beaches.

They want up to 10 TIFFs on CD by 30th September, so I've got time to take more. The winner gets £50, but they usually print the top 6 - I'd really, really love to make that top 6.

Things I also need to follow up on from this issue are:

- Aberdeen University's archaeology department is looking for striking images of ancient sites in the north east of Scotland and is offering £1,000 for the best submission. for further details. Subjects must be over 500 years old and the top 10 images will be exhibited in Aberdeen.

- Clikpic is offering 3 readers a free 'standard' website for a year - email with the subject line 'OP offer'.

- Arron Barnes Photography and Blair Drummond Safari Park are offering 4 places on their Go Wild at Blair Drummond experience day on 19 Oct. Send name and address to Outdoor Photography 104 Offers, 86 High St, Lewes, BN7 1XN.

- The Marine Conservation Society's annual beachwatch event is 20-21st September. Check to see if Armadale has been adopted by anyone as an MSC organiser yet -

EDIT: I nearly forgot! I've had my first commission!! Someone locally who saw my pictures of the working hunter classes at the Caithness show got in touch to ask if I'd be prepared to go down to Dunnet Beach and photograph her and her friend on their horses and she'd pay for my time and petrol! Unfortunately she emailed while I was in Thurso at 10.30 this morning and wanted to do it this afternoon, which just wasn't possible, but I've said I'd be delighted to do it and suggested we arrange an alternative date. Watch this space!

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