Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Melvich and Strathy

A couple of shots of Melvich beach from Monday afternoon - nothing special, but they do show the amazing weather we've been having up here:

Melvich beach (1)

Melvich beach (2)

Yesterday I finally went on my first ranger walk - I had about 10 marked that I wanted to do, but work, lack of car and weather have all conspired against me up until now. It was too overcast for photos, but I went up to Strathy Point and walked round it with a group led by the North Sutherland ranger, Paul Castle. Very, very interesting - I now know what a primula Scotia looks like (small and purple), can tell the difference between a cormorant and a shag (the shag flies low over the water - the black birds in my last Strathy Point post are actually shags) and can identify black-backed gulls, great skuas and kittiwakes (I think...). They're nearly all over for the year, but there's an all day walk on 13th September to go up Ben Hutig looking for golden eagles and mountain hare, and then another one in October in Strath Halladale to watch the red deer rut, so I'm definitely going to try and get to both those.

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